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March 16, 2013
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You look up from your book. The laundry's done. You get up and begin folding. Since your washing machine is broken, and your family can't afford another one, you're stuck dragging your laundry all the way down town to the laundry mat every few days.

“Finally Finished,” you say admiring your hard work.

You load up the laundry in your dull red wagon. Because you can't drive yet (well, drive legally), you have to use your old wagon you played with as a kid. You pull the wagon out the door and up the street. You stop to rest at the corner while sitting on your favorite bench. It's your favorite because you have a perfect view of the park. Snow half-covers the ground creating a green and white blanket. You watch as familiar children play in what's left of last night's snow. Jamie and his friends were as lively as ever as they danced around playing tag. You close your eyes to enjoy an oncoming gust of wind. Winter, it's finally here!  It was your favorite time of year. It had already snowed and melted once, but somehow you knew it was officially here to stay. As the wind blows through your (color and length) hair, you could have sworn you heard a deep, childish laugh riding on the wind. Before you could investigate, you hear Jamie scream happily.

“It's snowing!”

You open your eyes and look up. Snow! It really was snowing! Without thinking, you jump up and reach out to catch the falling flakes. You feel the cold tingle on your hand as it turns into water. Suddenly, you were blinded by your hat which was pulled over your face by a certain someone.

“Better watch out! Otherwise Jack Frost will nip at your nose, and you'll be sick for another week!” (You had been sick recently.)

You push your hat back into place and turn to the culprit.

“Zack! I'm gonna get you for that!” You yell with a playful smirk.

You make a snowball and chase him around the park with it. You take aim and fire.

“Haha! Missed!” He yelled back at you. What he didn't expect was a big snowball to the face! But, this time, you didn't throw it. You looked back behind you to see six snickering kids. Jamie and his friends must of seen you chasing Zack and wanted to join in!

“So, that's hows it's going to be!” Zack said while laughing and preparing his ammo. The kids scattered and laughed while dodging his snow-bullets. You watched them as they fired back and forth at each other. It was an certainly a funny sight seeing all these kids team up against a 19-year old. Zack was certainly an adult now. He had a job a the grocery store and went to college, but he was still a kid at heart. He may be about four years older than you, but he still acted the same age around you (or sometimes younger). Memories begin to flood back of the time you met him. It was five years ago. You had just moved to Burgesse. You were too shy to make friends, so you were always by yourself. Well, except for the snow. The snow had always been your “playmate” when no one was around. It always brightened  up your day when you were feeling lonely. It was snowing on that day, too. The day you met Zack. You were playing alone in the snow, as usual, about a month after moving to Burgesse.

“Alone again, huh?” You spin around to identify the voice. You see a teenage boy with black spiky hair standing there. You shake your head. “no.” You whisper.

“Hmmm, what'd you say?” You just stare at him.

Realizing you were pretty shy, he grabbed you and began to tickle you! “I said! What'd you say?!” He repeated loudly while tickling you.

You giggle loudly and finally cry out, “Okay! Stop! Stop! I said NO!”

He stops tickling you. “See! It's much more fun when I can understand you!”

Then, he stops. “Wait, what do you mean no?” He looks around as if he missed someone.

“I mean, Winter is my friend! I play with winter all the time. See!” You jump up and throw a handful of snow in the air and watch the snow float to the ground while running through it. He laughs.

“I see. And I thought you were all alone! Well, mind if I join you and Winter then?”

You smile brightly. Then, you giggle. “Well, I'll have to ask Winter!” He smiled.

You walk toward the pond and put your hand over your mouth, so the boy can't hear you. “So, Winter? What do you say? Do we let him join us?”

“Why not? I've never really met a teenager that actually wants to play in the snow!”

You jump. You spin around to find the owner of this new voice, but you can't find one. Who said that?

The boy calls to you. “Hey, are you done talking to Winter yet?!”

You look around one more time, and run to the boy. “Yes, I'm done! He said yes!”

The boy chuckled. “So, Winter's a he?”

You smile. “Of course!”

He looked at you with a goofy smile. “heheh, Winter already said I can join, and he doesn't even know my name yet! The name's Zackery Truesdale! Zack for short! And, you're (y/n), right?”

You stop. “How do you know my name?” You ask.

“I've seen you out here a lot. You're the new kid that moved in down the street, right? I've heard your mom call your name when it's time for you to go in.” He says while picking up some snow, made a ball, and prepare to fire. You smile and are glad that he was watching you because now you have a friend. You grab some snow and prepare your own ammo. Since that day, you've been best friends despite your age difference.

You were so lost in the thought of your memories that you didn't realize a snowball was heading right for your face. You wake up and let out a giggle. You make a snowball and look around for your attacker, but you can't identify them. Finally, you join the snowball fight by attacking random kids. Before you knew it, the sun was setting.

“Awwwwww!” The kids all groaned, including Zack. You chuckle.

Jamie and the other kids all said good-bye. “See ya, Jack!” The kids all began waving. Jack?

Zack called back to them. “It's Zack!” He turned to you. “You'd think they'd know me by now.” You shrugged.

Suddenly, you remember your forgotten chore! “The laundry!” You shout startling Zack. You run over to the street corner with the bench. You let out a sigh. “Still here. I can't believe I forgot about it.” Zack caught up to you and chuckled.

“Me neither.” He said with his signature goofy smile. He walked you home, and you exchanged good-byes. You put away the laundry and got ready for bed. You turn off the lights and climb into bed. You snuggle in your warm fluffy blankets and slowly drift off to sleep.
So, here it is! My first Jack Frost fanfiction!!! :icononioncleanplz: Actually, this is the first fanfic I've ever written down. I've made plenty. So, I got random inspiration while doing mine and my family's laundry at the laundry mat with my father. I sat down and began to write like crazy. This is completely new fanfiction that I had never thought up before. This fanfiction actually has a lot of my past memories intertined in it. Like, for example, winter being my only "playmate." That was very true when I was younger. I grow up with a lot of older kids that were always in school, so my fondest childhood memories are of me playing alone in the snow.

I will tell you that Jack Frost appeared several times in this chapter. You just may not have noticed him. (Hehe, comment! See how many Jack appearances you can spot!) You will probably meet him in the next chapter, but I can't say for sure.

Fun fact: In the original fanfiction, Zack never existed. Or, at least he didn't have as big of a role as he does now. He was just going to be the local grocery cashier, and one of his only lines would be, “Careful, (y/n), you don't want Jack Frost nippin' at your nose and givin' you a cold!” Also, Zack's last name is from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX off of Zane and Cyrus Truesdale. I actually didn't mean for that to happen. I was trying to think of a last name for him and my Yu-Gi-Oh sub-consious emerged. One more thing, Zack is based off of Zack from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core. (Ah, Zack! In honor of you! :iconfinallyplz: Rest in peace!)

Jack Frost, Jamie and other people from Rise of the Guardians are not mine and belong to Dreamworks.

Zack and the plot is mine! (Hehe, and so are you!)

Chapter 1: Your here already!
Chapter 2: [link]
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Zeldaloverrrrrrrr Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Zack the kids didn't call you Jack, they said bye to Jack Frost! You stupidWink/Razz 

Hahahaha, lolz, I love the story!!!
Zyra01 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Lolz he didn't know :3 he can't see him and plus the names rhythms Lolz :P silly Zack X3
Zeldaloverrrrrrrr Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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MindaVentesemo Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

ZAAAAAACCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*glomps* MEIN GOTT!!!! *cries all over him while hugging him tightly and spinning him around the room* TTwTT

Zack: O.O"""

Das ist beautiful das ist es Zack! Ich liebe ihn ~<3

Anyways~ *sets Zack down* beautiful writing, I shall continue to read this series for all ist es worth ewe

I did try to see if I could find all of Jacks appearances and I found 5 (idk if das ist right or not ^^"")

MochiMaiden Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
The second I read Zack's name I was like ZAAAAAAAAAAAAACKGVUGVAIYBIJZD G/IYV!!! and then I read "black spikey hair" and noticed he was a goof, just like the FF Zack, and I almost flipped out! I was really hopping he was the same Zack I was thinking about and, hey whadya know! Oh, this fic has a special place in heart and its only the first chapter XD

But enough about him, this story's about Jack! I think you did a great job and I'm kicking myself in for not starting this sooner. Onto the next chapter I go!
mak96k Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay~ ^^ Im glad. I really love Zack a lot. Thought it'd be an interesting mix~
YunaAmakura Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
I was thinking the same about Zack!! I mean! spikey black hair and his behave!! (I thought that he was Zack Fair) and then I started to throught, OMG ........ I WANT A THREESOME!!!!!!!! (ok no xD) But well... then it turned NOT to be Zack u.u... I thinked that Zack(fair) and Jack could get along very well... xD
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