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June 26, 2013
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Reader’s POV

*“Ello Jack! And, who is zis?” You spin around to meet a tall, white-haired man with a long beard and two tattoos, one on each hand. One says naughty, the other nice. Jack floats next to you.

“Nice to see you again, North! This is (first and last name)!”*

The bearded man eyes you with a wide smile. “(Y/n)? Ah! ‘Ave not seen you on list in long time.” Your jaw drops. This was him! This was Santa Claus!  You gawk at the jolly man with a jaw to the floor smile. He bellows backwards with a deep, yet high pitched laugh. “What is matter? Cat got tongue?” You continue to stare with excited eyes.

“Y-you’re… You’re Santa!” You shout happily and frozen in excitement.

“That I am!” He gave you a bright smile and a jiggle of his belly. “Most call me North ‘ere, though.” You jump in happiness. North smiles, but slips a glance at Jack as if asking why you were there. Jack puts on a serious look, but you hardly notice with your childish glee.  North nods at Jack and turns his attention to you. “Phil!” He calls quite loudly while clapping his hands twice.

“Wagruwaga wal!” Suddenly, a brown Yeti appears from around the corner. He waddles over to North and begins to converse with him in a strange language. “Wragwawallwoo?”

“You take (y/n) and show ‘er around.  Give ‘er big tour!” He took Phil’s shoulder and waves his hand over his work shop as if he was in the show business.

“Sota? Walwagoto.” The Yeti replied and motioned for you to come with him. You started to follow, but realized Jack wasn’t coming along.

“Jack, aren’t you coming?” You look back at the frosty teen. He smiled and shook his head. He eyes Phil for a bit with a cocky smile. Phil rolls his eyes.

“Go on!” He motions his hand toward Phil. “I’ll join you in a little while. I have to talk with North for a bit.” You frown and give him a bit of a pouty look without realizing it. “Hey! Go have fun, kiddo. It’s just a quick update, okay?” He looks at you for approval. You think on this for a bit and finally nod.

“Okay.” Jack waves to you as you turn and follow Phil as he leads you off into the toy wonderland.


Jack’s POV

North’s eyes dart back and forth following our silent and verbal conversations. I wave you as you follow Phil. As soon as you disappear from my sight, I turn to North. North has an eyebrow raised.

“What was that?” He said with a smug look in his tough Russian accent.

“What?” I ask somewhat confused.

“You know.” He takes a quick glance in your direction and returns his gaze to me. I look at him with an even more confused look.  He grins. “Never mind that, what is matter? Why the sudden visit?” I scratch my head.

“We have a… bit of a problem.” North raises his eyebrow, but nods. He walks off toward his office, and I know he wants me to follow. I fly along past the many toys and finally reach the familiar room with a work table filled with toys in the center and brightly painted colors on the walls. I hadn’t been in here since they told me I was chosen as a guardian and the entire center thing came along. North closes and locks the door. Obviously, he understands this is a serious matter. He looks me straight in the eyes.

“Now, what is zis problem?” I take a deep breath and put my serious face on.

“Pitch is back.”


Reader’s POV

You walk onward to wherever Phil was leading you. He took you all over.  You visited the wrapping station, the assembling and painting floor, the testing floor, the snow glob manufacturing station. All of them were incredible! Phil even let you help make and test out some toys! It was like you were a kid all over again. Your inner child came out and had loads of fun!

Phil took you to the bakery next. You got to see Yetis at work preparing many delicious looking sweets. Phil gave you a thumb up and let you try a few. They tasted just as incredible as they looked! You felt an odd tug on your clothes. You look down to see a big-eared, red suit elf looking up at you. It smiled widely and reached upward grabbing the air and jumping up and down. You followed its eyes. He wanted the cookie you were holding. You looked around and noticed a bunch of elves were running around and trying to reach the sweets, but the Yetis were ignoring them. You shrugged, how bad could giving him one cookie be. You handed it to him. You laugh as he dances with joy and munches on his cookie. You smile and turn around to find Phil, but you come to face a herd of elves looking up at you and mimicking what the first one did. You give one of those anime sweat drop faces to them. Maybe this is why they don’t feed the elves in here.  Your eyes quickly scan the room for Phil. He isn’t anywhere in sight. Great, now what?  
“Um, guys… I can’t give you anymore.” All of them tilt their heads simultaneously, still staring at you. “No, really. Look.” You hold up your hands to show them. “No more. I don’t have any.” They don’t seem to care. They continue to herd around you. You take a step backward. They follow. You move back further. They waddle after and surround you until you are backed into a corner. You put your hands up in defense. Finally, you spot Phil! “Phil!” You wave your hands in the air, trying to get his attention. He spots you and makes and odd face.

“Wralawoogawaga!”  He shouts and stumps over toward you. He stops at the edge of the elf ocean. “Wragaroo?!” It was obvious he wanted to know what happened.
“Er… I may have… fed an elf a cookie.” He puts his hand over his face and shakes his head. He points to a sign that says ‘No feeding elves in the kitchen.’ They should change it to ‘No feeding elves in the kitchen unless you want a rabid mob of them chasing you!’ You give Phil a guilty smile. “Um… help…”Phil nods and stumbles through the waves of elves. He ended up falling down several times, but he never seemed to land on any of the elves. Suddenly, you got an idea. You grabbed one of the cookies you made for Santa from your bag. You shot a look at Phil. He nodded, understanding the plan you had in mind. You held the cookie up to show all of the elves. All of them watched with wide eyes as you waved the cookie from side to side in the air. As soon as you had every elves’ attention, you throw the cookie through a doorway and down a red hallway. “Stampede!”  You yell as you watch the ocean of elves swarm after the tiny cookie. You look to Phil, but he is already picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder as he darts for another door!  He keeps running until you are all the way on the elevator. He sets you down, and you both look at each other. There is a short silence. Then, both of you break out into a laugh as you fall onto the elevator floor.

~Some time later~

You took a deep breath as you rested on a big red couch by a jollily decorated fire place.  Phil was seated next to you, waiting for you to rest, so he could finish the tour. Some elves brought you a plate of cookies and hot chocolate. You took the hot chocolate and eyed the plate of cookies. You just had quite an adventure all because of one cookie. You gasp, realizing you had forgotten to give North the cookies you made. You look at Phil.

“Um, Phil.” You poke his soft yet bristly fur. He looks at you with curious eyes as you hold up a tin of cookies. “I made these cookies for North, but I forgot to give them to him.” Phil looks at the tin for a while. He notices you are still tired from the elf attack. Phil nods and holds out his hand toward the tin.

“Wagwaulla.” You understand that he is saying that he’ll take cookies to North. You nod and hand him the tin. He gets up. You get up, too. He shakes his head. “Woola.” He motions for you to sit down.

“You want me to stay here?” He nods. “Okay.” You sit back down. He walks out the door. “Oh, and Phil!” Phil peaks his head around the corner of the doorway.

“Wrota?” You smile. Phil’s been so good to you. And, through everything, you considered him a good friend now.

“Feel free to have a cookie.” You smile at him. He grins and nods. Then, he disappears behind the doorway. You lie down and admire the red flickering flames. So tired… You choose to rest your eyes for a bit. Phil will be back in no time, and you can get up then for the rest of the tour.


Zack's POV

“Zack?!” A voice screamed. I couldn't ever forget that voice!

“(y/n)!” I yelled back. I stretch my eyes searching for her. Nothing. Nothing but… Darkness. I’m here again. I hear you crying again. Where are you?! Wait, behind me! That’s right! I race off toward your whimpers. I have to find you this time!

“What…?” The light again… it’s pulling me toward it... It’s calling out to me…

“Zack!” Your voice! Again in the opposite direction! Why?!

The light begins calling me again.

“Why are you pulling me away from (y/n)…?”

A sound? That sound again... a clock… The ticking of a clock.

“Zack!” I spin around and dart toward your voice! I don’t care about some light! I care about you! I run faster as my speed matches my motivation. Only darkness… I keep running.

“(y/n)!”  Yes! I spotted you. You’re… on the ground… crying. You’re looking frantically from side to side…

“Zack… Zack! Zackery!!!” Tears are flowing from your eyes! Her eyes pass over me multiple times!

“I’m right here! I’m right in front of you!” I yell and reach for her shoulder.

“Zack! Where are you?!” She calls out, but I’m right her-


“Zack!!!” She gets up and runs behind me… right through me… My hands feel cold… my body is cold… I am cold…

“Time waits for no one.”
Finally finished chapter 10! I am so sorry guys! I know it’s been over a month since I put out a new Winter Angel chapter! I have been trying to write it, but something always stops me. I had exams, a New York trip and writer’s block after that, a few friend and parents issues as well (My parents don’t like me writing for fun. They tell me to make money off of it.), and depression for a bit. :iconstressplz:

Listen, I’m going to apologize now if my writing isn’t as good. I am trying, but my passion for Love + Jack Frost is kind of… well, it’s just hard to write love stories about him now. Some things happened, but don’t you guys worry! I will continue Winter Angel until it is meant to end. These feelings change nothing. I’ve a journal about it if you want to know more about this.…

Alright, so, I seemed to put a lot of Point of view changes in here, I know. I tried to make it as least confusing as possible. Let me know if it is or isn’t. Yes, Zack is back in the picture briefly. I put a few cliffhangers in there to. :D

And, yes! You get to meet North! Let me tell you, North has been the hardest for me to write about ever. I get into character when I right for each character like any actress would, but North was really hard to mimic. I finally got into it two days ago, and I can write about him pretty well now, still not my best work though. It took everything out of me to do it. :iconsweatdropplz: And, I am loathing when Bunnymund shows up. I have a feeling he is going to be pretty hard, too.

And, no, the elf stampede was not planned. I thought it be nice to describe the workshop in more detail, so I started with the kitchen, and it eventually turned into that. It was sure fun to write about though! And, I love the Yeti speak! It's so fun to make up! Actually, my friend and I made up an actual Yeti language because our other friends are bilingual and speak to each other when we don't understand, so our result was making our own Yeti language! It's fun to use!

Watch me if you want quicker updates. The groups take forever to accept my work.

Jack Frost, Jamie and other people from Rise of the Guardians are not mine and belong to Dreamworks.

Zack and the plot is mine! (Heehee, and so are you!)

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 11:…
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