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September 2, 2013
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*“Oh, come now. You don’t remember me?” A twisted-happy voice replies. You freeze. You begin shaking. Your eyes glance up to meet a pair of golden-orange eyes in the darkness…

“Pitch…”  *

A mischievous chuckles arises in the room.

“Yes, indeed child.” I swallow hard. Cold chills run down my spine.

“W-why are you here...?” Another infamous chuckles as he moves closer.

“Why ever not?” You sit there in frozen in silence. You dare not answer. “Hmph, you... interest me. It is indeed rare a teenager believes in such things as the boogeyman and guardians.”

“Why only me...?” There had to be plenty of other teenagers that do believe... why only go after me? He lets out an evil chuckle.

“It was a fated chance that I happened upon you on night. So miserable, so alone, I thought you might need a little...” He begins to twirl dark sand in his hand. “cheering up.” His expression changed to a hateful frown “Then, Frost had to show up and ruin my fun. Saved you from my beautiful nightmare, but no matter, all of it ended for the better. His interest in you caught my eye.”

“In...terest...?” You repeated after him. You felt as though you could not think. You were a mere puppet standing in his presence with fear's gasp. He smirks.

“Well, well, is that fear I sense? Pure, intoxicating fear?” He walks close to you. Your eyes meet the his brilliant orange gaze. “And, in a teenager no less? The fearless age group, unafraid of anything? I'm surprised to find such strong fear in someone like you.” He chuckles. “You seem so... together? Collected. Yet, one moment in the face of fear itself has turned you into the lowest of cowards!” His excitement shrouded the room in more darkness. “But that's to be expected from one of Frost's friends.” That comment inflamed you a bit. You finally managed to get a grip.

“What do you want?!” You call out louder than expected. He chuckles at your outburst. You swallow hard. That annoyed you more. What is up with villains and their constant evil laughs?! Though, you kept that to yourself. You stood up and faced him.

“Hm? Being a brave little girl and facing your fears?” He comes closer to tower over you. You want to back away, but you hold your ground, partly because your too scared to move and partly because you don't want to give him the satisfaction of showing your fear.

“Phil will be back soon.” You threaten him. Not much of a threat, but if Phil finds Pitch, he'll probably get the other guardians. Pitch chuckles again.

“You think that overgrown carpet scares me? I am fear child.” He smirks as he circles behind you. “Besides, North and his yetis are a bit scrambled at the moment with a problem of their own.” What...?

“What problem...?” You turn to face Pitch's back as he walks toward the only exit.
“Oh, you don't know? It seems there is a child missing from the Pole's records.” He places he hands behind his back.

“A child... missing?”

“Yes, a child that was never on the naughty or nice list. North is in quite a fuss over the matter,” he says with a smirk. “He has every yeti working on the matter.” He turns still smirking to meet you gaze. “Which means you and I... are utterly alone.” Your heart sank at those words, but a thought crossed your mind and sparked hope.

“Jack will come for me,” you say straight to Pitch's face. He chuckles. “He will...” You say trying to reassure yourself more than Pitch. He looks at you with an amused face.

“I have no doubt he will. That, my child, is what I am counting on.” He walks toward you and grabs your arm, yanking you off the ground. The window flies open with the wind lowing the curtains to the side, shedding hurtful light into the room. You shield your eyes as the adjust to the sudden brightened surroundings. Black dust sweeps into the room and wraps around you and Pitch, forming a nightmare in your stead. You try to break away from Pitch's grasp, but his grip is too strong. Pitch throws you onto the horror of a horse and mounts it.

“Go.” He commands the shadow as it takes off into the crisp of the cold winter air, dragging me off with him...


Jack's POV

We all stood there waiting for his answer... He was frowning. His gaze slipped to each of our eyes. Every Guardian had arrived and now we were waiting for Sandy to answer the question.

Tooth had come in first as she usually did, bustling and yelling out commands to her troops. Baby tooth came along with her and flew straight to me for a hug. I chuckle a bit and slip on a small smile.

“Hey there, baby tooth.” She smiled and hovered in front of me. When she saw my face, she frowned. Obviously, she knew something was up.

“Tooth, welcome!” North spoke up, a bit less jolly then usual. Tooth stopped shouting commands and looked over.

“North, how are you?!” She flutters up to him happily. She spots me on the way. “And Jack!” She disreguards North and flies straight over to me for a hug and began rambling to fast to comprehend. “How are you?! How have you been?! Are you well?! How are your teeth?!” Her bright face and fast questions distracted me for a second, but then I remembered the situation.

“I'm well. My teeth are fine, Tooth.” She frowned.

“What's wrong?” I sighed. North walked over to us.

“A lot has happened... We will explain when Bunny and Sandy arrive.”

“Already here, mates.” Bunny walks up from behind North. “What's the trouble?” I looked over to him, then, back at north. I sighed. “Something on your mind, frostbite?”

“It can wait... I just have to talk to Sandy when he gets here...” Bunny puts on a concern look. He walked over and leaned on one the wall, waiting for Sandman to arrive. We stand there in silence for another ten minutes. Finally, we heard the sprinkles of his dream dust. He floated in smiling and gave a small bow. Then, he spotted our faces. He frowned, posing a question mark above his head. North sighed and walked to face all of us.

“Jack and I have much to tell. Many things have happened.” The others come in closer. He nudged me to tell me to start explaining. I take a deep breath.

“Well, it all started when Jamie got a teenager named (y/n) to believe in me...” I went on explaining about the attacks and direct attack pitch made on you.

“Pitch is back?! How is that possible?! We all saw him dragged back into his hole by the nightmares!” Bunny looked really concerned and surprised. Sandy shifted uncomfortably. I eyed Sandy suspiciously.

“He's back, Bunny. The teenager saw him.” North stood up and stroked his beard.

“Why would Pitch take so much interest in a teenager?” Tooth looked at me. I shrugged.

“All I know is he's targeting (y/n), so I need everyone's help...” I looked down at the floor. Bunny walked up and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Right, of course we'll help, mate.” I looked up at him, a little shocked by his eagerness to help. I nodded. North barged into the conversation.

“There is another matter I need to speak with everyone about.” Everyone looked back at North.

“Another problem, mate?” North nodded and sighed.

“This one started with Jack bringing something that happened to my attention... something with Sandy...” Tooth and Bunny looked up surprised and sent their gazes toward Sandy. Sandy stood up straight.

“There was boy that fell in coma. Jack had you check him out. And, you never explained why you had such horrified face on when you saw boy.” North walked closer to Sandy. Sandy shifted again and put on his thinking face as if he was trying to come up with an excuse... that wasn't like Sandy at all... Tooth and Bunny noticed it, too. They watched him silently. “I checked record for this boy. There were no records, not even in archives.”

“Not even in the archives...?” Tooth whispered to herself.

“A child... that never believed...?” Bunny looked shocked. Sandy shifted more and somewhat backed away. North kept pushing.

“There is something you are not telling us about Zackery Truesdale. Time to come forward Sandy. What are you hiding...? And, why are you keeping it from us?” Sandy looked at the down thinking with his serious face on.

And so, here we stand, waiting for his answer...

“WAGO! WAGO!” Our silence was shattered by a panicking Phil running into the room, flailing his arms.

“Calm down, calm down!” North raised his voice. Phil stopped yelling and put his arms down. “Now, what is matter?”

“Wallawagawo ra ola!!!” North's eyes widened.

“(y/n) is gone?!”
Sorry it took so long guys! I finally finished this chapter! School has started up and my mother does not like me writing for fun, so I can't do it as often. I finally got the time to do it this weekend. So, yep, Pitch took you! What will you do now?!

First off, to any male readers I have, I apologize if I accidentally slip and mark the reader's gender as female. (I know I have at least one male reader because I met them.) I am trying my best to keep the gender neutral, but I am female and when I write a story, I write it as if I am the character, so I am sorry if I write she or girl at some point.

On another note, I have started commissions for stories or fanfictions. If you would like a specific fanfiction made especially for you or a request such as a ReaderXBunnymund (which someone asked me to write already without offering a commission), I will definitely write them for a commission. If you just request them without offering a commission, I may write them if I find interest in them, but it is not definite. But, don't be afraid to request one if you don't have points, I may do a request every now and then, especially if it's a one-shot.

I also started up commissions for traditional drawings of mine and chalk art. I didn't think people would like my art enough to commission it until a man in my English class approached me after seeing my One Piece drawing of Monkey D. Luffy and asked if I offered commissions. I was surprised. Being that I had never had a single art class in my life, I didn't think my art was good enough to offer commissions, but him asking me gave me new confidence that my art is good. So, I have opened up Commissions. I also may be selling my art with DA Water marks on them. So far, I have two originals up that I think are worth selling and aren't just doodles,… and… Also, I have two examples of commissions I could do (one is the Luffy picture he asked about),… and…

Thank you all for your support! I have over 180 watchers! Thanks guys for all of your support! I'm going to make a special thing for all your support! Thanks again guys!

Jack Frost, Jamie and other people from Rise of the Guardians are not mine and belong to Dreamworks and William Joyce.

Zack and the plot is mine! (Heehee, and so are you!)

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